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Bio-thyme tea in the filter bag for free breath.

3 x Herbaria Thymian-Tee Bio 15 FB, 27g

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Introducing Herbaria Thymian Tee Bio, the perfect herbal tea for free breath and warm comfort during the cold season. Our 100% organic thyme comes from a controlled cultivation that is socially and fairly traded, making your tea experience even more meaningful. Our filter bags are free of additional and auxiliary substances, ensuring that every sip is filled with natural goodness.

But we don't stop there. Our tea production follows a rigorous quality assurance system that exceeds the legal requirements for organic food. In fact, we operate under a production permit for medicines, which guarantees top-notch quality and purity in every cup.

Enjoy the savory aroma and flavor of thyme in every 27g bag, carefully packaged to preserve its freshness. As a vegan option, Herbaria Thymian Tee Bio is perfect for everyone, regardless of dietary restrictions. So why settle for mediocre tea when you can indulge in this exceptional blend?

Savor the warm comforts of winter and healthy breath with Herbaria Thymian Tee Bio, the perfect organic herbal tea for the discerning tea drinker. Try it now and experience the difference in every cup!

Herbaria Thymian Tee Bio: Organic Herbal Tea for Winter Comfort