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Fine red onion pieces in Bioland quality from a versatile Bioland family business from Wittelsbacher Land.

6 x Herbaria red onions Bio -Bioland M can, 50g

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Introducing Herbaria Red Onions in Bioland quality - a versatile agricultural product grown by a Bioland family business from Wittelsbacher Land. The lot of the courtyard, in particular, plays a pivotal role in its cultivation, ensuring healthy and prosperous plant growth - even during the harsh and dry weather conditions. This is all made possible without resorting to any artificial fertilizers, ensuring 100% best organic quality.

What makes these red onions unique is their special drying process, making them exceptionally mild and generally well-tolerated compared to raw onions. Their taste is a deliciously spicy fruity flavor infused with a subtle root aroma. These onions are an excellent addition to any savory dish and can be used as a healthy alternative to the classic fried onion topping. They make a perfect addition to cheese spaetzle, on butter bread, or even in soups, where their soft texture can complement the dish.

Our products are strictly vegan, fairly and socially traded, and sustainably packaged in an aroma protection box made of pure white sheets with an interior cover. Indeed, these Herbaria Red Onions in Bioland quality are a must-have in your kitchen to add zest to all your dishes while maintaining a healthy diet. Get your hands on these red onions today, sourced from the Wittelsbacher Land and cultivate a taste sensation like never before!

Herbaria Red Onions - Premium Bioland Quality, Mild and Flavorful