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Organic spice mix for Mediterranean lamb, vegetables, cheese and desserts. The mixture is a pure organic flower mixture and thus delights and optically.

6 x Herbaria Provencal wild flowers organic M can, 25g

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Indulge in the fragrant and captivating world of Herbaria Provencal wild flowers, a bio-flower spice mix that seems to be plucked straight from the heart of the Mediterranean.

Take your taste buds on a journey as you savor the delightful blend of hibiscus, elderberry, cornflower, lavender, orange blossoms, thyme blossoms and leaves, violet, erika and yarrow blossoms. Each ingredient is handpicked for perfection and crafted with care to transport you to a place of pure beauty and flavor.

Imagine the savory scent of lamb infused with these vibrant and natural flavors, or the humble richness of roasted vegetables accentuated with the floral notes of this exquisite mixture. You can even sprinkle it on cheese, or try adding it to desserts for a unique twist.

Not only is this magical blend free of any additives, it is also vegan, fair and socially traded, and 100% organic for your peace of mind. A true expression of love for nature and good taste, Herbaria Provencal wild flowers is packaged with care in a 100% recyclable socket, made of pure white sheet with an interior cover.

Open your senses and experience the true essence of the Mediterranean with this delightful blend of hibisk, elderberry, grain flower, lavender, orange blossoms, thyme blossoms and leaves, violet, erika, and yarrow flowers. The perfect addition to any kitchen, this organic and natural blend will elevate your meals to a whole new level of romance and flavor.

Herbaria Provencal Wild Flowers Organic Spice Mix