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Oregano in Bioland quality from Rhineland-Palatinate from Biolandbetrieb Alfred Hammann.

Herbaria Oregano Bio -Bioland M can, 20g

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Looking for an exceptional organic oregano seasoning? Look no further than Herbaria Oregano Bio -Bioland M can! This is no ordinary oregano; each can of Herbaria Oregano comes from controlled organic cultivation from Rhineland-Palatinate from Biolandbetrieb Alfred Hammann.

The Hammann family has been a Bioland member since 1986 and has been growing oregano for many years. They take great care in the harvesting process, ensuring that the oregano leaves are picked shortly before the flower, when the leaves have the best aroma. The leaves are then roughly cut and immediately dried at the courtyard, preserving the natural oils and fragrance.

Only the most beautiful oregano leaves are preserved by sieving out the fine components, guaranteeing a premium quality product that is 100 % organic, vegan, fair, and socially traded.

The result is an intense and essential oregano with a fine-torn taste that is simply irreplaceable in Mediterranean cuisine. Use it to enhance the flavor of your pizza, pasta, or salads with feta, mozzarella & tomatoes. Trust us, once you try Herbaria Oregano Bio -Bioland M can, 20g, you'll never want to use any other oregano seasoning again!

Organic Herbaria Oregano Bio -Bioland M Can - Premium Quality