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Whole cardamom capsules from controlled organic cultivation from the mountains near Baja and Alta Verapaz in northern Guatemalas.

6 x Herbaria Kardamom Bio S-dose, 20g

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Indulge in the finest quality Herbaria Kardamom capsules sourced from the pristine mountains near Baja and Alta Verapaz in northern Guatemala. These capsules are cultivated organically, harvested by hand, and meticulously sorted according to various quality standards. We are committed to using only the best A sorting - comprising of whole, fully mature green capsules, which offer an essential, fresh, spicy, and sweet taste.

As the queen of spices in India, cardamom is a versatile flavoring agent and finds usage in a wide range of delicacies, including desserts like cakes, ice creams, and Christmas cookies, as well as savory dishes such as curries and rice dishes. Our Herbaria Kardamom capsules are 100% organic, vegan, fairly traded, and sustainably packaged in flavor-protecting doses made from pure white sheets with inner covers, which are 100% recyclable and offer the best product protection.

With its remarkable taste and exceptional versatility, it is no wonder that Herbaria Kardamom capsules are a staple in kitchens worldwide. Add them to your daily cooking and baking routine, and take your dishes to the next level. Trust in our commitment to quality and sustainability and discover the singularly unique Herbaria Kardamom capsules today.

100% Organic Herbaria Kardamom Capsules - 20g S-Dose