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Five noble organic spices of 8G in practical portion bags. Included are pizza e pasta, truffle happiness, neptuns dream, fragrance of the macchia and petit boss as well as suitable recipe suggestions. Simply select, season and enjoy.

6 x Herbaria Herbaria Pasta Box Bio 5x8g, 40g

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Indulge in an enchanting culinary adventure with Herbaria's Pasta Box Bio. Immerse yourself in the intoxicating aromas of Italy with the tantalizing spices of Pizza e Pasta - a harmonious blend of savory thyme, fragrant oregano, luscious parsley, and delectable black pepper. Elevate your taste buds to new heights with the enchanting Truffle Happiness, a mesmerizing mix of velvety chestnut, exquisite mushrooms, and rich truffle.

Venture deep into the mystical wilderness of the Mediterranean with the alluring Fragrance of Macchia, a bewitching combination of tangy citrus, sweet lavender, and robust thyme. Dive into the ocean with the tantalizing Neptune's Dream - a succulent array of delectable black olives, fragrant coriander seeds, and zesty lemon.

The Petit Boss spices up your palate with the deliciously earthy aroma of roasted onions, fragrant thyme, and luscious tomato - perfect for pasta dishes bursting with flavor. These organic spices lend themselves to endless culinary possibilities that will captivate your senses and taste buds.

Inspired by top chefs and accompanied by enticing recipe suggestions, Herbaria's Pasta Box Bio is the perfect addition to your culinary adventure. Create 5 delicious dishes for 4 people with ease - from classic Italian favorites like Arrabbiata, Cabonara, and Napoli to the luxurious and indulgent truffle pasta and the healthy salmon cream sauce with spinach.

Treat yourself and your loved ones to a unique, gastronomic experience - select, season and savor. The Herbaria Pasta Box Bio is the perfect choice for food lovers, connoisseurs, and romantics alike. Order now and take your taste buds on an unforgettable journey!

6 x Herbaria Herbaria Pasta Box Bio 5x8g, 40g