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Couple (also known as a cumin) ground from controlled organic cultivation by a supplier based in Turkey.

6 x Herbaria cumin bio, 25g

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Introducing our top-quality Herbaria cumin bio, a product that is sure to lend a deliciously aromatic, slightly sharp note to your favorite dishes. We source our cumin from a trusted supplier in Turkey who has been engaged in controlled organic cultivation since 2017, together with a team of three agricultural engineers and their families.

In order to ensure consistent quality, we support our manufacturer in the procurement of carefully selected seeds which are distributed to the farms and sown by hand until March. The herbs are hacked by hand multiple times during the season to minimize any undesirable elements. After careful analysis, only small batches of high-quality cumin seeds are purchased from individual farmers, stored, and processed separately to maintain their freshness and flavor.

This finely ground cumin is perfect for use in Indian and Oriental cuisine, and adds the necessary spice to popular dishes such as curries, falafel, humus, and braised dishes. Our cumin is 100% organic, vegan, fair, and socially traded, ensuring that it is not only a delicious addition to your meals but also an ethical and responsible choice.

Experience the true essence of cumin with our Herbaria cumin bio, and elevate the flavor of your dishes to the next level. Order now and enjoy the exotic flavors of the East in the comfort of your own home!

Organic Herbaria Cumin Bio - Premium Quality Spice for Exotic Dishes