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Organic spice mix for Asian salads, varied bowls and cold vegetable dishes.

6 x Herbaria Buddha's belly organic M can, 100g

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Indulge in the exotic flavors of the Far East with the remarkable Herbaria Buddha's Belly organic seasoning mix. A delicious blend of roasted peanuts, seaweed, Gomasio, roasted garlic, and galgant will transport you to a mystical land of sensational aromas and tantalizing tastes. Experience the perfect balance of sweet and salty, spicy and nutty in every bite.

This remarkable seasoning mix is not only delicious but is also ethically made. Every ingredient is sourced from the finest organic quality and ethically traded, making it a perfect choice for discerning buyers. It is a vegan product and free of any additives.

The Herbaria Buddha's Belly is the perfect seasoning mix for any creative soul who loves experimenting with salads, vegetable dishes, varied bowls, and even Vietnamese summer rolls. The mix is packed to perfection in a flavor protection socket made from pure white sheet with an interior cover for the best possible product protection. And, you can trust that it is 100% recyclable.

Try it now to add a touch of romance to your meals, and immerse yourself in the captivating flavors of the East with Herbaria Buddha's Belly organic seasoning mix. Sea algae*, Tulsi*, Shiitake mushrooms*, Galgant*, cub pepper*.

Exotic East: Herbaria Buddha's Belly Organic Seasoning Mix