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Organic spice salt for the typical Bavarian snack in the mill. The classic mix of Luisenhaller Pfannensalz and black pepper is suitable for everyone and for every snack.

Herbaria Biergarten-Brotzeitmühle Bio, 65g

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Delight your senses with the alluring blend of Herbaria Biergarten-Brotzeitmühle Bio, a premium organic spice salt that will transport you straight to the heart of Bavaria with just one bite! This enchanting mix of Luisenhaller Pfannensalz and black pepper is simply irresistible, creating a harmonious blend that is suitable for every snack and everyone.

Fall in love with the mild yet flavorful spice of Luisenhaller Pfannensalz, blended together with the intense sharpness and robust aroma of black pepper from Sri Lanka. Each enchanting sprinkle over your favorite snack will leave you spellbound, bewitched by the delectable taste and aroma.

This organic spice salt is made with 100% premium organic ingredients, mindfully sourced through fair and socially traded practices, and is completely vegan and free from any additives. And, to add to the charm, this irresistible spice blend comes in a beautiful ceramic mill that you can reuse time and time again.

Relish a quintessential Bavarian snack on your table, and elevate every bite with the captivating and delightful Herbaria Biergarten-Brotzeitmühle Bio. Whether it be on radishes, cucumbers, eggs, cheese, or even tomatoes, the mill makes it easy to season perfectly every time. So why wait? Simply grind, sprinkle, and enjoy the wonders of this irresistible organic spice salt today!

Herbaria Biergarten-Brotzeitmühle Bio: Organic Spice Salt from Bavaria