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Bio-herbal tea mixture in the filter bag with anise, fennel and caraway. For the well -being of the stomach, especially after eating.

2 x Herbaria anis-Fiebel-Kummel tea Bio 15fB, 30g

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Introducing Herbaria's Anis-Fiebel-Kümmel tea - a delicious and mild organic herbal tea blend that's perfect for soothing your stomach after a meal. Made with 100% controlled organic ingredients, this tea is socially and fairly traded, and free from any additional or auxiliary substances.
What's more, our tea production follows a strict quality assurance system that goes above and beyond the legal requirements for organic food - giving you peace of mind that you're getting only the best.
This tea is not only great for adults, but also for kids as an unsweetened drink. With its blend of 40% anise, 40% fennel, and 20% caraway seeds, it offers a delicious, balanced flavor that's sure to satisfy your taste buds.
Experience the soothing and calming benefits of Herbaria's Anis-Fiebel-Kümmel tea today - the perfect addition to any tea lover's collection!

Organic Anis-Fiebel-Kümmel Tea by Herbaria - Soothe Stomach Naturally