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Organic herbal tea mixture in a patented original recipe according to Eva Aschenbrenner.

Herbaria 6 Series Tea Eva Aschenbrenner Bio, 175g

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If you're seeking a natural way to boost your health and wellness, look no further than the Herbaria 6 Series Tea Eva Aschenbrenner Bio. This blend of organic birch leaves, yarrow, lemon balm, nettle, marigold, and walnut leaves is a patented original recipe developed by renowned herbalist Eva Aschenbrenner.

This tea has been used for years as a powerful cleansing and purifying tonic that supports metabolism and promotes vitality. Not only is it a popular classic in the world of herbal medicine, but it's also recommended by Eva Aschenbrenner as a six-week cure to revitalize your body and mind.

Produced by Herbaria, this tea is certified organic and produced with the utmost attention to quality. Eva Aschenbrenner's original recipe is faithfully recreated to ensure that you receive the same potent benefits as those who have relied on this tonic for years.

Discover the power of the Herbaria 6 Series Tea Eva Aschenbrenner Bio and experience the healing benefits of nature firsthand. Order yours today and see the difference this amazing tea can make in your life!

Herbaria 6 Series Tea - Organic Cleansing Tonic for Vitality