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Baked muesli specialty with dried plant juice made of sugar cane (original sweetness) - vegetarian - with over 65 % whole grain harbor flakes - with 16 % original sweetness - always a pleasure - whether with milk, yogurt, curd cheese, fruit or fresh juices - also suitable for refining desserts

Granovita whole grain crispy without raisins, 1000g

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Behold, a delightful breakfast treat that will transport you to the rolling hills of Tuscany, where the sun-kissed grains are baked to perfection in the crisp Italian air. The Granovita whole grain crispy without raisins is a true masterpiece of cereal artistry, made with over 65% whole grain harbor flakes and sprinkled with the sweetness of the gods themselves, from dried plant juice made of sugar cane.

Indulge in every crunchy bite of this heavenly delicacy, and taste the purity of the ingredients as they dance on your taste buds. The alluring aroma of coconut flakes and shredded almonds will make you close your eyes and feel the gentle breeze of the Mediterranean on your face.

Vegetarian and free of pesky raisins, this baked muesli specialty is the perfect companion for your morning routine. Enjoy it with milk, yogurt, curd cheese, fruit or fresh juices, and savor the goodness that only the finest ingredients can offer. Even when you're feeling fancy and crave a touch of indulgence, use it to refine desserts and unleash your inner culinary genius.

Order it in the generous 1000 g size, and let your whole family delight in this pure and wholesome breakfast bliss. With the sea salt and lemon juice powder adding a delicate tang, it's truly a pleasure that you deserve. Don't wait, add Granovita whole grain crispy without raisins to your cart today and take a first-class journey to the heart of Italy with every bite.

Granovita Whole Grain Crispy - Pure Italian Breakfast Delight