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Baked muesli specialty with dried plant juice made of sugar cane (original sweetness) for everyone who likes to like it nutty is the whole grain crispy nut-almond! - Vegetarian - free of yeast - egg -free - with 47 % whole grain harbor flakes - sweetened exclusively with original sweetness - with 16 % original sweetness - with 9 % hazelnuts - with 2 % almonds - delicious for breakfast and as a snack - also for refining desserts suitable

Granovita Vollkorn-Knusper Nuss-almond, 1000g

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Indulge in a delightful and nutty experience with Granovita Vollkorn-Knusper Nuss-almond. This baked muesli specialty is enchanted with a dried plant juice made of sugar cane, offering original sweetness for your palate. With the wholesome goodness of 47% whole grain harbor flakes, this vegetarian and yeast-free treat is an essence of romance for your healthy lifestyle.

Bite into the delicate blend of roasted and shredded hazelnuts, almonds, and raisins that seamlessly amalgamate with coconut grating, dried date pieces, dried fig pieces, lean milk powder, wheat germ, and sea salt, creating a symphony of flavors with every crunch.

The charming aroma of crushed almonds and lemon juice powder delicately lingers in the air, evoking blissful memories of beautiful moments shared with your beloved. Perfect for breakfast, a snack, or a sumptuous dessert, relish the luxurious and enchanting Granovita Vollkorn-Knusper Nuss-almond with your loved ones.

Available in the 500g or 1000g family size, this treat is a celebration of love and good health. Add this exquisite muesli specialty to your cart and unlock the romance of wholesome goodness.

Granovita Vollkorn-Knusper Nuss-almond | Baked Muesli with Whole Grains & Nutty Flavors