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A valuable addition to the muesli is the muesli oil fruity, which already provides an extra portion of omega-3 fatty acids in the morning. The organic plant oil mixture is based on rapeseed and linseed oil; The fruity grade gets the oil from sea buckthorn fertilizer meat, orange and lemon oil. Also delicious for fresh salads.

Granovita muesli oil, fruity, organic, 250ml

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Looking for a healthy way to start your day? Look no further than Granovita muesli oil! This organic, fruity oil blend is the perfect addition to your morning muesli. Packed with omega-3 fatty acids and alpha-linolenic acid, this oil helps to maintain healthy cholesterol levels and keep you feeling great all day long.

Made from a delicious blend of rapeseed and linseed oil, this muesli oil is infused with sea buckthorn fertile meat, orange, and lemon oil for a sweet and tangy flavor. Whether you're a fan of classic muesli or like to mix things up, Granovita muesli oil is the perfect way to bring a little extra nutrition and flavor to your breakfast routine.

So why wait? Add Granovita muesli oil to your morning routine today and start your day off on the right foot! With its blend of organic, fruity goodness and essential fatty acids, this oil is the perfect way to kickstart your day and keep you feeling great.

Granovita Organic Muesli Oil: Fruity and Nutritious Breakfast Boost