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2 x Gewürzmühle Brecht herbal sea salt +plus, 200g - firstorganicbaby

2 x Gewürzmühle Brecht herbal sea salt +plus, 200g

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Introducing Brecht Herbal Sea Salt Plus+, the perfect seasoning for any dish! Delicately crafted from natural sea salt, this seasoning is ideal for adding a touch of flavor to all your meals. Whether you're cooking vegetables, soups, sauces or salads, Brecht Herbal Sea Salt Plus+ will be your go-to seasoning.

We take pride in carefully selecting only the finest ingredients for our seasoning. Our sea salt is obtained through a natural process of evaporation in salt gardens, before being cleaned, gently dried and sieved. Brecht Meersalz is unbleached and contains no additives to preserve the natural goodness.

With a perfect blend of delicious herbs and spices, Brecht Herbal Sea Salt Plus+ is the ultimate seasoning. Our unique mix of basil, thyme, marjoram, lovage herb, rosemary, and algae come together to create a truly one-of-a-kind flavor experience.

We believe in the importance of personal wellness, and that's why we've made our seasoning with natural iodine. Please note that those who are sensitive to iodine should avoid using this product. As always, we encourage a varied and balanced diet, as well as a healthy lifestyle.

Get 2 x 200g of Brecht Herbal Sea Salt Plus+ and elevate your cooking game today!

2 x Gewürzmühle Brecht herbal sea salt +plus, 200g