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Balanced Arabica / robusta mixture of the finest African varieties; Bean coffee and ideal for fully automatic coffee machines as long cup or Schümli; Taste 3.5 (1- = mild, 5- = strong)

GEPA - The Fair Trade Company Bio Espresso Ankole, 1000g

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Are you looking for an espresso that is not only delicious but also ethically produced? Look no further than GEPA's Fair Trade Company Bio Espresso Ankole!

Crafted from a balanced blend of the finest African Arabica and robusta varieties, this organic espresso offers a complex, spicy taste with a finely rounded finish. Perfect for use in fully automatic coffee machines, you can enjoy a long cup or Schümli full of bold flavor.

With a taste rating of 3.5 (5 being the strongest), it's the perfect choice for those who like a bolder coffee without sacrificing on quality. And because it's Fair Trade certified, you can feel good about every sip knowing that the coffee farmers were paid fairly for their hard work.

Make your mornings brighter with GEPA's Fair Trade Company Bio Espresso Ankole. The perfect way to start your day, whether enjoyed on its own or with a splash of creamy milk as a latte or cappuccino. Add it to your cart today and experience the unmatched taste of ethical coffee!

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