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Single Origin coffee of the highest quality class from the best heights Peru; Reiner Arabica highland coffee; Velvety flavor with exquisite acid; Flavor 4 (1 = mild, 5 = strong)

GEPA - The Fair Trade Company Bio Café Peru, 250g

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Welcome to GEPA, where we're passionate about making a positive impact through socially and environmentally friendly trade. We believe in working closely with our partners in Africa, Asia, and Latin America to bring you the finest food, craft, and textiles.

Let us introduce you to our exceptional roasted coffee, sourced from the pristine heights of Peru. This single origin coffee is of the highest quality class, ensuring an unforgettable flavor experience. If you're a coffee enthusiast, you're in for a treat.

With its slightly fruity acidity and velvety smoothness, this coffee is truly delightful. Every sip is a testament to the care and dedication we put into supporting organic material cultivation through our advisory program. You'll feel good knowing that your enjoyment comes with additional benefits beyond just the taste.

This coffee strikes the perfect balance between mild and strong, with a tasting thickness that lands at a satisfying 4 out of 5. Made exclusively from 100% Arabica beans, it's a pure delight for coffee lovers who appreciate the finer things in life.

At GEPA, we take pride in our commitment to ethical sourcing and sustainable practices. When you indulge in our Reiner Arabica highland coffee, you're not just treating yourself to rich flavors but also supporting a better future. Every sip encapsulates our dedication to quality and sustainability.

Don't miss out on experiencing the true essence of coffee with our Reiner Arabica highland coffee. Start your day with a cup that not only tastes incredible but also makes a difference. Try it today and let your taste buds thank you for choosing GEPA. The perfect blend of quality and conscience in every sip. Cheers!

GEPA - The Fair Trade Company Bio Café Peru, 250g