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For the fair juice vegetables, give the farmer's hand! Our regional, seed -resistant varieties quickly come into the bottle. A quality you taste.

6 x For fair juice vegetables, 0.5l

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Indulge in nature's purest products with our For Fair Juice Vegetables, the elixir of life that touches your soul. The ripe fruits are handpicked to extract the juice, without any dilutions or additives, just pure and raw. This special juice is a tribute to the farmers of the cultivation countries, and promoting their well-being makes you a part of the change.

Enjoy the succulent flavors of milk-absorbed fermented 2%, paprika mark 2%, onion juice, milksauer fermented bean juice, milksauer fermented dill's juice, and herbal sea salt. Feel the world's flavors merging in your mouth, a symphony of taste that is both indulgent and fulfilling.

By purchasing this For Fair Juice product from us (Fair Trade Sustainability Alliance), you are not just quenching your thirst but contributing to society's betterment. Come, be a part of our movement towards a sustainable world. Experience goodness in every sip, and make our planet a better place, one juice at a time.

For Fair Juice Vegetables: Indulge in Nature's Purest Elixir