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400 µg folic acid equivalent * dietary supplement to ensure folic acid supply for women, especially with desire to have children and pregnancy *) In general: For women, 200 µg folic acid corresponds to 400 µg folic acid equivalent (= 1 capsule)

Floradix® Floradix® folic acid capsules 60 pcs, 22g

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The vitamin folic acid belongs to the vitamin B series. It is particularly contained in green vegetables, in wheat germs and liver. Folic acid behaves very water-soluble and is also sensitive to heating and UV light. The vitamin is quickly lost in normal food preparation. Sufficient supply of folic acid is particularly important for women of childbearing age. The German Society for Nutrition DGE recommends women with the desire to have children the additional intake of 400 µg folic acid daily. For the body, folic acid is of central importance for normal cell division. Folic acid contributes to the growth of the maternal tissue during pregnancy. Important information: A healthy lifestyle is always important! Do not exceed recommended daily intake! Product can have a laxative effect with excessive consumption. Dietary supplements should not be used as a replacement for a balanced and varied diet.

Floradix Folic Acid Capsules - Essential for Women's Health