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2 x Ecover fabric softener apple blossom & almond, 750ml

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Introducing the Ecover fabric softener in the delightful scent of apple blossom and almond! With its palm oil-free recipe, this fabric softener provides a gentle and refreshing touch to your clothing, while being kind to your sensitive skin.

Made with European rapeseed oil, this vegan-friendly fabric softener is manufactured in our "True Zero Waste" certified factory with a Platinum Status. It is created with clean content, using ingredients that are biodegradable (except for minerals) and completely based on herbal and mineral bases.

This fabric softener also features a clean bottle, made entirely from 100% recycled plastic (PCR) that is both renewable and recyclable. The closure of the bottle is also made of at least 99% recycled plastic (PCR) and is 100% recyclable. It is ideally suitable for plant sewage systems, making it an eco-friendly option for your laundry needs.

For machine-washing, simply add 1-2 locking caps of the fabric softener in the fabric softener compartment of your washing machine that is recognizable on the flower symbol. Follow the operating instructions and let the fabric softener work its magic for naturally fresh and soft laundry. This 750ml bottle can last up to 25 washes with the normal standard dosage, all while helping to protect your clothes' fibers.

In addition to making your clothes ultra-soft, this fabric softener also carries a heavenly fragrance of apple blossom and bergamot. It's the perfect addition to your laundry routine, making ironing easier and your skin happier. Dermatologically tested, this Ecover fabric softener is sure to leave you feeling blissful about your laundry choices. Order now to experience the joy of plant-based, eco-friendly laundry care!

2 x Ecover fabric softener apple blossom & almond, 750ml