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Pur quinoa spirals

Donath Mühle Pur Quinoa Spirals, 200g

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Looking for a delicious and nutritious alternative to traditional pasta? Look no further than Donath Mühle Pur Quinoa Spirals! Made with 100% white quinoa grown in Peru, these spirals are a great source of all nine essential amino acids.

And the best part? There are no additional ingredients or processing aids used in the making of these quinoa spirals, ensuring that you get only the purest, most wholesome product possible.

If you're a fan of olive oil and parmesan, you'll love the taste of these spirals when prepared with just a touch of these ingredients. And even when paired with classic sauces, these spirals are sure to be a crowd-pleaser.

So why not switch up your pasta routine and try Donath Mühle Pur Quinoa Spirals? Your taste buds (and your body!) will thank you for it.

Donath Mühle Pur Quinoa Spirals - Delicious and Nutritious Pasta Alternative