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Nasal spray to protect the nasal mucosa Immundoc® nasal spray booster + with lactoferrin + to protect the nasal mucosa + for moisture + gluten -free + from 6 years

Doc Phytolabor Immundoc nasal spray booster, 20ml

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Introducing the Immundoc® nasal spray booster, a medical device designed to safeguard your nasal mucosa and respiratory tract. This salt solution features lactoferrin infused with decongestant properties for the ultimate protection from external aggressions.

With a gluten-free and hydrating formula, this nasal spray effectively relieves symptoms of sinusitis, dust, and pollutants, making it the ideal solution for individuals suffering from allergic rhinitis. Suitable for individuals aged six years and above, the Immundoc® nasal spray features an osmotic effect that contributes to its decongestant properties.

Prior to use, it is crucial to read the package insert accurately and maintain it alongside the product. Keep this product in a safe, secure location far from the reach of children.

Manufactured and classified as a medical device conforming to the 93/42/EEC directive, the Immundoc® nasal spray booster is the ultimate solution for individuals seeking enhanced hygiene, protection, and humidity of their nasal mucosa and upper respiratory tract.

Discover the power of Immundoc® nasal spray booster and experience the relief and comfort that comes with it.

Doc Phytolabor Immundoc nasal spray booster, 20ml