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In the "Khaddar" project at the foot of the Himalayas, our long grain rice is biodimately grown by Indian small farmer families. We have been maintaining direct contact with the Fairtrade-certified rice cooperative since 2001. The rice farmers there benefit both from the contractually firmly secured minimum prices and from friendly cooperation.

4 x Davert Demeter Langkornreis project "Khaddar" Fairtrade 5, 500g

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Introducing the Davert Demeter Langkornreis project "Khaddar" Fairtrade 5, 500g - a rice variety that boasts versatility and irresistible taste. Its long grain structure allows for seamless incorporation into various meal courses, serving as a perfect complement to any main dish or standing as the foundation for delectable rice recipes.

Not your ordinary rice, our Langkornreis project "Khaddar" Fairtrade 5, 500g comes with the backing and certification of responsible sourcing practices, ensuring a sustainable and ethical rice production. Every grain bursts with natural flavors and nutrients, sourced from the finest harvests handled with care and precision.

As a staple in many culinary traditions, this rice variety represents culture, upbringing, and artistry. Experiment with different cooking methods or infuse it with flavors of your choice - there is no limit to the wonders you can create with our Langkornreis project "Khaddar" Fairtrade 5, 500g.

Order now and experience the finest quality of rice that not only delights your taste buds but also supports fair and responsible trade practices.

Davert Demeter Langkornreis Rice - Fairtrade, Sustainable, Irresistible Taste