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Enjoy individually, for everyone there is also the right porridge. Because especially with porridge lovers, the taste preferences change: fruits of the season, various seeds or even variations with apple and cinnamon in winter. The mixture offers the perfect basis: small leaf oatmeal, delicate spelled and oatmeal, finely coordinated with German quinoa curls - for everyone who loves a comfortably warm start to the day.

Bohlsener Mühle porridge base oat-Spelt quinoa, 3-flakes, 400g

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In this cozy 3-flake mixture, the grain classics Hafer and spelled meet quinoa. The delicately balanced oat and spelled flakes give the mixture their typical mushy consistency- the ideal basis for a delicious porridge. What is special about this whole grain mix is ​​the addition of the mild oat with the nutty taste of spelled and quinoa. There are high -quality proteins in all three cereals, which we combine in this mixture into a fine porridge. A fiber -rich meal from the full grain to enjoy - whether warm or cold. The perfect basis for porridge, porridge and overnight oats. Preparation recommendation: 50 g of warm & comfortable flake mixture with approx. 60 ml of warm liquid mix and, for example, enjoy with fresh fruit, nuts, seeds or spices. Ideal for breakfast, as a snack and baking. , Spelled*¹, quinoa*). ¹Spelt is a species of primal wheat

Bohlsener Mühle Porridge Base: Oat-Spelt Quinoa, 3-Flakes, 400g