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This mix is ​​great through and through. Old, original types of grain meet modern but domestic superfoods! The perfect mix for all muesli and superfood fans who like it individually. "Native & tangible" makes nutritional hearts beat faster!

2 x Bohlsener Mühle Muesli base domestic superfood, 6-flakes, 500g

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This local 6-flake mix brings regional superfoods to the table: quinoa and buckwheat-for fine breakfast enjoyment with that certain something. Of course from here. The original grain and Emmer, mixed with the domestic classics oats and spelled, make this muesli a real consumption. A versatile whole grain mixture that ensures variety on the breakfast table. Rich in high -quality proteins and fiber - versatile in taste. Emmer gives a strong and spicy note, the fine-nutty quinoa and the bitter buckwheat round off the aroma. An extraordinary whole grain mix with superfood from the region. With German quinoa and buckwheat. Ideal for breakfast, as a snack and for cooking and baking. Full grain flakes*(oat*, spelled*¹, Einkorn*, Emmer*, Quinoa*, buckwheat* ). ¹Spelt is a species of primal wheat

Bohlsener Mühle Muesli: Local Superfood Mix with Quinoa and Buckwheat