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For those who want even more taste! This particularly versatile and perfectly coordinated mix not only inspires real flake connoisseurs, but also those who want to become one. The versatile mixture of mild and aromatic small leaf and large leaf flakes combines the specialties of our mill. For your individual muesli ... every flake has a different taste.

2 x Bohlsener Mühle Muesli-Base Diversity, 6-flake mixture, 500g

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This robust 6-flake mix is ​​great in taste and contains a special flakes. Here the grain classics of Hafer, Spelt, barley and rye meet the flake specialties buckwheat and rice. A versatile and rich mix for the whole day. High -quality proteins deliver oats and spelled, a strong taste comes from rye and barley. The combination rounds off the baggish with a bitter note, and the rice flakes ensure a pleasantly crispy bite. A diverse whole grain flake mixture for a variety of taste! Here the grain classics of oats, spelled, barley and rye meet the flake specialties of buckwheat and rice ideal for breakfast, as a snack and for cooking and baking. , Spelled*¹, barley*, rye*, buckwheat*, rice*) ¹Spelt is a species of primal wheat

Bohlsener Mühle Muesli-Base Diversity: 6-Flake Mix for Versatile Taste