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Your energy kick in the morning! Of course more power. The right flake mix for everyone, this also applies to sports cannons. Because the needs of athletes are special - whether runners, strength athletes or bikers. The sports flake mixture offers the right basis here. The mixture was created together with nutritionists: crunchy soybeans with a nutty taste, supplemented by oatmeal and aromatic spelled and emmer flakes.

2 x Bohlsener Mühle cereal base protein, 4-flake mix, 500g

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This powerful 4-flake mix of oats, spelled, emmer and soybeans is a real power pack: crisp in the bite and rich in proteins. It turns every muesli a delicious power boost that active people will love. The soyburks provide the extraporection of protein. The full-fledged base of oats, spelled and Emmer are the perfect addition to this, and Emmer brings the strong and spicy taste into the bowl. A protein and fiber-rich wholemeal mixture to recharge your batteries! Strong in taste. Good through the day. Validly rich in for breakfast, as a snack and for cooking and baking. Full grain flakes*(oat*, spelled*¹, Emmer*), soybreaks*35 %. ¹Spelt is a species of primal wheat

Bohlsener Mühle Cereal Base Protein Mix - 500g