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Erntesegen bio-sunflower seeds, slightly peeled and pressed once cold, result in a natural, mild oil with a gentle-yellow color-rich in vitamin E.

Bio planète sunflower oil native, 0.5l

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"Bio Planète Sunflower Oil Native"
"Organic sunflower seeds"
"Rich in vitamin E"
"Mild and nutty flavor"
"Ideal for salads and raw food"
"Not suitable for roasting and frying"

Indulge in the purest and most natural form of sunflower oil with Bio Planète Sunflower Oil Native. Made with organic sunflower seeds, this oil is cold-pressed to maintain its natural goodness and mild, nutty flavor. With a gentle-yellow color and a richness in vitamin E, this oil is perfect for enhancing your favorite light salads and raw food dishes. It's also a great ingredient for adding flavor and nutritional value to your vegetable and rice dishes. However, be careful while using it for steaming as it should be heated slowly. Please note that this oil is not suitable for roasting and frying. Elevate your culinary game with Bio Planète Sunflower Oil Native today!

Bio Planète Sunflower Oil Native