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Without the use of gene modified organisms or gene modified raw materials, without the use of preservatives and additives. Refrest analysis of the individual additives.

2 x Bauckhof Brownies Gluten -free organic, 400g

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Indulge in a love affair with the most decadent and guilt-free treat - Bauckhof Brownies Gluten-free organic mix! Made with 100% organic ingredients, this baking mix is the epitome of a pure and wholesome love. It's free from any additives that could take away from its irresistible richness.

With the sweetest beet sugar and rich cocoa, each heavenly bite of these brownies will transport you to a realm of pure indulgence. And the best part? They're incredibly easy to make! Preparing a delicious dessert has never been so effortless. Simply mix the ingredients together, bake them in a springform pan or baking dish, and voila - your moist and fudgy brownies are ready to be devoured.

What sets these brownies apart is their versatility. They can be enjoyed by everyone, as the recipe works without eggs, milk, or butter. So whether you're catering to dietary restrictions or just wanting to try something new, these brownies are the perfect choice.

Imagine the tantalizing aroma of full-grain rice flour and the sweet melody of cocoa filling the air as you bake these delightful treats. Each bite promises a memorable experience, thanks to the 15% chocolate content that adds a bittersweet twist and the 8% fat cocoa powder that provides an indulgent and sensual flavor.

Share these delectable brownies with your special someone, or simply savor them all by yourself - they're guaranteed to ignite your taste buds and warm your heart. And to top it off, the Bauckhof Brownies Gluten-free organic mix comes with recipes for different variations, allowing you to create your own perfect concoction.

Ready to experience the most romantic dessert that's both organic and gluten-free? Don't wait any longer, order now and let this heavenly treat kindle the flames of love in your life!

2 x Bauckhof Brownies Gluten -free organic, 400g