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Piadina is the Italian version of a wrap. We make them out of spelled and oats. Special and very tasty. Fits perfectly with grilled vegetables and pesto. Finished in seconds!

6 x Terrasana piadina wrap spelled flour and oats, 240g

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Introducing our authentic Italian piadines - the ultimate real Italian wraps that are unlike anything you've tasted before. These piadines are a true taste sensation, crafted with a unique blend of spelled and oats that gives them an unmatched taste and texture. Trust us, they're absolutely delicious!

What sets our piadines apart is their incredible versatility. You can enjoy them in so many ways - fold them up and create a mouthwatering pizza, roll them up for a satisfying sandwich, or even indulge in fluffy pancakes. The possibilities are endless!

To experience the true flavors of Italy, we recommend trying our piadines with a dollop of fresh pesto, grilled vegetables, and a medley of Mediterranean delicacies. With every bite, you'll feel like you've been transported to the sunny shores of the Mediterranean.

If you're feeling adventurous, don't forget to explore our piadines made with whole grain wheat and oats, as well as our wheat and spread variety. Each variety offers its own delightful blend of flavors and nutrition.

Preparing these piadines is a breeze too. Simply heat them on both sides in a hot, dry pan for a few seconds, and they are ready to be transformed into your favorite culinary creations. No need to spend hours in the kitchen - let our piadines do the hard work for you!

With a wholesome combination of spelled outer flour, oatmeal, sunflower oil, and a touch of sea salt, our piadines offer a delightful blend of flavors and nutrition. Enjoy the authentic taste of Italy with every bite.

Whether you're in the mood for a quick meal or a gourmet feast, our piadines are the perfect canvas for your culinary imagination. Get ready to experience a true taste sensation that will transport you straight to the heart of bella Italia. Buon appetito!

Terrasana Spelled Flour and Oats Piadina Wraps - Authentic Italian Taste