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The non -alcoholic aronia fruit punch in the 0.75l brown las bottle surprises with its powerful yet soft taste. A Christmas drink pleasure for children as well as for parents.

6 x Aronia original organic Aronia fruit punch, 0.7l

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The dark-violet aroniabean, with its intense color and the sweet and sour-heart taste, is the heart of our versatile product range. Our Aronia products stand not only for high quality, but also for certified biological agriculture in Europe. Selected raw materials and a real connection to regional and European suppliers guarantee short transport routes and sustainable product quality. We want food that also deserve this name and whose taste reflects their naturalness. For this reason, we only process aromatic and carefully selected aronia berries. Whether pure, as an ingredient for smoothies, for baking or cooking - the aronia berry brings more than just color to the plate. Those who prefer a non -alcoholic variant to the mulled wine will love our organic aronia fruit punch. Here grape juice, aronia juice and pear juice are combined with extracts from cinnamon, vanilla and other spices. With a light vanilla note and delicious cinnamon taste, our fruit punch contributes to an atmospheric winter time. Pour the desired amount into a saucepan, heat slowly and enjoy it. 40% grape juice*, 30% aronia juice*, 29% pear juice*, spice extract

Organic Aronia Fruit Punch - Delicious Non-Alcoholic Winter Beverage