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The Thai Reis is characterized by a particularly fine aroma and a white long rice grain.

3 x Davert Thai rice white Fairtrade Naturland, 500g

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Introducing Davert Thai Rice - a premium quality, Fairtrade Naturland certified rice straight from the heart of Southeast Asia. With its long and slender grains, our Thai rice boasts a distinct texture that makes it a popular choice in Thai and other Asian cuisines.

Carefully cultivated and harvested to perfection, our rice undergoes rigorous quality checks to ensure you get only the finest grains. Whether you're preparing a spicy green curry or a comforting bowl of rice, Davert Thai rice is the ideal choice for all your culinary adventures.

Our rice is available in convenient 500g packs, so you can use just the right amount for your recipes without worrying about expiration or spoilage. So why compromise on quality when you have Davert Thai Rice - the perfect accompaniment to all your Asian-inspired dishes.

Order now and take your next culinary adventure to the next level!

Premium Fairtrade Thai Rice - Authentic Asian Grains for Culinary Adventures