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Ecomil Cuisine is a cashew preparation for cooking and baking, and a perfect defect vegan alternative to cream or soy cream. Cuisine products do not chanate when cooking and can be perfectly prepared with acidic ingredients.

24 x EComil cashew cuisine sugar -free, 200ml

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100% vegetable lactose -free (suitable for vegetarians and vegans) gluten -free, wheat -free.ecomil cashew cuisine, cashew preparation is ideal for cooking and baking. The cuisine was a perfect herbal alternative to cream and soy cream. It can also be prepared with acidic foods such as lemons, wine or mustard, since it does not clot when cooking. Desserts, in tea or coffee. Delicious, creamy, ready for use, light and easy to digest. It was developed to accompany all recipes.

EComil Cashew Cuisine - Dairy-Free Alternative for Cooking and Baking