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NaturSauerteig - already ready and does not need to be attached

15 x Fontaine Natur-Sauerteig, 150g

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Baking bread has many advantages: it is fun, you can let your creativity run free, do not rely on the opening times of the bakers and always know exactly what you eat. And: The fragrance that moves through the "bakery" is simply incomparable. In addition to the flour, a baking agent is also required for baking bread and rolls. Since some fabrics in the grain make the dough clearing difficult when baking bread, rye must be processed with sourdough. This baking agent makes "heavy" baked goods better tolerated and gives them a hearty taste. Fontaine NaturSauerteig is ready to kitchen and immediately usable-and thus saves the tedious self-proven. For approx. 1.5 kg bread, approx. 1 kg of flour or shot mix, some salt, honey or sugar, lukewarm water and 1 bag fontaine is required. All ingredients should be lukewarm and the room should neither be drafted nor too cool. For the bread dough, water, sugar, fontaine natural-sauerteig and salt are added to the flour or to the flour mixture and everything is kneaded into an evenly smooth dough. After about 15 minutes of rest, knead the dough again briefly and put it in a baking pan or on a baking sheet. The baking time is about an hour. Then take the bread out of the mold, brush with water and bake for another 10 minutes at the temperature. Allow to cool on a grill. The incorporation of bread spice, linseed, roasted onions, dried tomatoes, pumpkin seeds or sesame seeds ensures variety. Anis, caraway and fennel seeds make the bread even more digestible.

Fontaine Natur-Sauerteig: Traditional Baking Agent for Delicious Homemade Bread