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The slightly different cookies. The organic biscuits Pizza Tuscany are the somewhat hearty cookies in our range.

12 x Liebhart's health food organic biscuit pizza Tuscany, 125g

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Wheat flour*, Palmfett*, Reissirup*, strength*, (potato*, corn*), Reis-Mais-Extrudat*(Reisgrieß*, Maisgrieß*, Rohrohrzucker*, sea salt), mountain cheese-gouda*2% (cow milk*, dining salt , Lactic acid cultures, microbial lab), sea salt, onion powder*1.1%, paprika powder*0.7%, melace lifting powder*, acidic: monocalism (pure wine stone), baking agent: (sodium hydrogen carbonate (soda).

Liebhart's Organic Biscuit Pizza Tuscany, 125g