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Bio-Ingwer cream in noble chocolate

10 x Liebhart's health food organic-ginger cream in noble, for example chocolate, 100g

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Indulge in the exquisite taste of Liebhart's health food organic-ginger cream in a decadent chocolate flavor. This noble creation weighs 100g and is carefully crafted with love and care.

Savor the heavenly tastes of cocoa masse, cocoa butter, and butter gap, perfectly balanced for a tantalizing effect on your taste buds. Enriched with ginger syrup, this organic cream consistency is gently blended with tube-rip sugar and pure water.

This gluten-free, egg-free masterpiece is not only divine but healthy too. With ginger powder incorporated into the recipe, it adds a hint of spicy flavors to the mix. The use of ground bourbon vanilla beans enhances the taste and fragrance of this commodity, rendering it irresistible.

Each bite will satisfy your soul, as the flavors dance around your taste buds. The emulgator, Soyalecithin, promotes the blending of ingredients for an ultra-smooth and creamy finish.

The Liebhart's health food organic-ginger cream is a true masterpiece crafted with sublime perfection. It is an invitation to explore new horizons of culinary pleasure, and a treat to be savored intimately or indulged in by many.

Liebhart's Organic-Ginger Cream: Decadent Chocolate Flavor, 100g