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24-hour protection without alcohol

Primavera sensitivdeo, 50ml

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The plant power made of organic lavender, bamboo and organic coconut protects 24 hours from body odor. The natural active ingredient bisabolol calms irritated skin. The non -alcoholic, emulsifier -free sensitive demo without aluminum salts and alum neutralizes odor -forming bacteria and leaves a dry skin feeling. The mild fragrance ensures a safe feeling all day. Leading plants & effects: Bio lavender oil soothes the skin and calms the senses, has an anti -inflammatory effect. Bamboo fibers have an anti -inflammatory effect, absorb moisture and ensure a pleasant, dry skin feeling. Organic coconut oil, known for its desodorizing effect, has a neutralizing effect on bacteria that are responsible for the decomposition and smell of sweat. Wicker bark extract has anti -inflammatory, antibacterial and astringent. Bisabolol, the natural active ingredient from the bark of the Candeia tree, calms the skin. On the clean, dry skin rolls up. Ideal for sensitive skin. 24-hour protection confirmed in independent tests.

Organic Lavender Bamboo Deodorant - 24 Hour Protection