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Maintains the skin, it has a calming and balancing effect in itching and skin irritation.

Primavera lavender water organic, 100ml

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• Soothing & balancing • Looses stress -related tensions • Relieves light sunburn as a body spray or compress • Easy to itching and skin irritation • effects cleaning and soothed. Smalling skin does not immediately open up the connection to the essential lavender oil, since the water -soluble, fragrant ingredients of distinguish the fat -soluble, fragrant ingredients of the essential oil. That is why real lavender water* organic sometimes smells of hay or herbaceous and loved one and not as strongly for lavender. Face and body care spray onto the skin. Can be used via make-up. Also suitable for wraps and compresses. Also suitable for wraps and compresses.

Organic Lavender Water - Soothing and Balancing Face and Body Spray