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24-hour protection

Primavera Frischedeo Ginger Limette, 50ml

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The plant power made of organic ginger, lime and bio kalamansi extract protects 24 hours from body odor. The FrischeDeo without aluminum salts and alum neutralizes odor -forming bacteria. The fresh fragrance ensures a safe feeling all day. Property plants & effects: Kalamansiie extract, rich in vitamin C and citric acid, has a strongly antibacterial effect. Antibacterial organic sage water inhibits the formation of bacteria caused by odor. Organic hawk water has a clarifying, balancing and refreshment of the armpit organic ginger oil has an antibacterial and soothing effect. Its spicy aroma sharpens the mental powers. Lime oil activates the skin and has a gently astringent and antibacterial effect. Its fruity-fresh fragrance revives the senses. On the clean, dry skin. Do not apply to irritated skin. Ideal for normal skin. 24-hour protection confirmed in independent tests.

Organic Ginger Lime Deodorant Spray - 24 Hour Protection