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Chicken bouillon for 5 l - gluten -free - lactose -free - palm oil -free

2 x Nature Compagnie Chicken Bouillon Classic, 100g

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Palmölfreinatur Compagnie Clear chicken bouillon offers you the delightful taste of homemade flavor, thanks to its robust and perfectly balanced taste profile. Crafted exclusively with organic meat sourced from controlled ecological agriculture, this bouillon is a true culinary gem. It serves as an ideal seasoning and enhancer for a wide range of dishes. You can also enjoy its delicate flavor by simply sipping it as a nourishing drinking bouillon.

Made with utmost care, this chicken bouillon contains a blend of thoughtfully selected ingredients. It features chicken meat powder (9.4%) that adds a rich and savory essence. The subtle touch of shiitake mushrooms (0.5%), parsley, onions, curcuma, garlic, and fennel seed enhances the depth of flavors. Additionally, the bouillon incorporates sea salt, starch, rice flour, chicken fat (5%), yeast extract, carot juice concentrate, pumpkin, lovage root, sunflower oil, and lovage leaves.

Let Palmölfreinatur Compagnie Clear chicken bouillon elevate your culinary creations and bring a delicious homemade taste to your favorite recipes. Enjoy the wholesome goodness of this certified organic bouillon, bringing out the best flavors in every dish.

Organic Chicken Bouillon: Homemade Flavor, Certified Organic, Thoughtfully Crafted