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Ginseng Royale drinking ampouling cure Vital substance complex Zink helps to protect the cells from oxidative stress Vitamin B5 supports a normal mental performance vitamin C to reduce fatigue and exhaustion during great stress ginseng gains ginseng royal swing and fresh vigor for every day. In everyday life, at work, in leisure time - for professionals as well as for students, housewives and seniors.

Hoyer Ginseng Royale, 210ml

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no honey wine; Extract from ginseng root, guarana, green tea 6.3%; Gelée Royale 1.3%; Acerola powder powder (acerola juice concentrate, maltodextrin); Herbal extract 0.31%; Isoflavon concentrate (from soy) 0.24%; Elderberry juice concentrate; Zinc sulfate 0.09%; Vitamin B5.

Hoyer Ginseng Royale - Natural Energy Boost with Herbal Extracts