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A pure natural product that is obtained from the seeds of the Indian Spitzwegerich. By gaining the seeds you get a product with a very high fiber content. Mixed with water, they swell to 20 times their volume.

Govinda organic parditory shells, 250g

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Looking for a natural and effective way to boost your daily fiber intake? Look no further than Govinda Organic Psyllium Shells! Made from the seeds of the Indian Spitzwegerich, our pure and natural product is the perfect addition to your healthy diet.

With a high fiber content, our psyllium shells can help improve digestion and promote regularity. Simply mix with water and watch them swell to 20 times their volume, creating a delicious and satisfyingly filling drink.

Not only are our psyllium shells great for digestive health, but they are also completely organic and free of any harmful additives. So you can feel good about what you're putting in your body.

Don't settle for ordinary fiber supplements. Upgrade to Govinda Organic Psyllium Shells for a natural and effective way to support your digestive system and overall well-being. Order your 250g pack today!

Govinda Organic Psyllium Shells - Natural Digestive Health Supplement