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Govinda's cocoa butter is obtained from raw cocoa without heat. So she keeps her valuable flavors like nature she gave us. Our natural cocoa butter captivates with its fine aroma, the delicate smell of chocolate and the highest quality.

Govinda cocoa butter, 200g

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Indulge in the heavenly goodness of Govinda's cocoa butter - the perfect ingredient for all your culinary and cosmetic needs. Made from unheated raw cocoa, this 200g block retains the natural essence and aroma that Mother Nature intended.

Not just limited to desserts and cakes, our vegan-friendly cocoa butter has a low melting point, making it perfect for homemade chocolates, smoothies, and ice creams. The smooth texture and rich chocolate scent make it a delightful addition to any recipe.

But cocoa butter isn't just for the kitchen - it's also a fantastic cosmetic ingredient. With its nourishing properties, cocoa butter is a go-to solution for sensitive and dry skin. Say goodbye to additives and hello to natural, wholesome care with this versatile product.

Experience the irresistible allure of cocoa butter with Govinda. Order now and enhance your culinary and beauty routine with a single product.

Govinda Cocoa Butter - Versatile Ingredient for Culinary and Beauty