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refreshing, white yogurt chocolate with strawberry; without emulsifiers and without the addition of external fats; Direct import of the high -quality ingredients, support several trading partners

20 x GEPA - The Fair Trade Company Weisse Yogurt Strawberry, 40g

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Beneath the summer sky, delight in the sweetness of our Weisse Yogurt Strawberry, crafted by the esteemed GEPA company. This is more than just a treat – it is a reflection of our commitment to social and environmentally friendly trade. We have sourced only the finest ingredients from our partners across the globe, ensuring fair prices and conditions.

With a decadent texture and a refreshing twist of ripe strawberry, every bite of our white yogurt chocolate is a journey to exotic lands. And what's more, this delicious indulgence is made without emulsifiers or the addition of external fats.

Every time you savor the creamy richness of this chocolate, you will know that you are contributing to a global community of traders who are dedicated to fairness and equality. Our chocolate is not only delectable – it is the embodiment of a better world.

Try our Weisse Yogurt Strawberry today and discover the joy of savoring a chocolate that is truly a work of art. Our refreshing white yogurt chocolate, paired with delicious strawberry pieces and other wholesome ingredients, is sure to leave you feeling invigorated and inspired. At GEPA, we embrace the power of chocolate to transport us beyond the everyday – to a realm of beauty, elegance, and justice.

Fair Trade Weisse Yogurt Strawberry Chocolate - 40g