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With the special fair cocoa blend amaribe; without emulsifiers, gentle and careful conch of the chocolate mass; Cocoa butter as the only used fat, no external fat; Direct import of the high -quality ingredients, support several trading partners; nnenwickel from predominantly renewable raw materials

10 x GEPA - The Fair Trade Company Tender Bitter 70%, 100g

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Indulge in the captivating charm of <10x GEPA - The Fair Trade Company Tender Bitter 70%, 100g>. If you're searching for the perfect chocolate that's not only delicious but also ethically conscious, then this chocolate is the one for you.

Crafted through the finest process of conching, our chocolate is blended with amaribe cocoa to produce a velvety smooth texture that melts down oh so gracefully. The amalgamation of raw materials acquired through socially responsible trade in Africa, Asia and Latin America, speaks volumes about our commitment to the environment and ethics.

Our recipe entails cocoa butter as the only used fat, which grants our chocolate an exceedingly soft and tender texture, without the need for external fat or emulsifiers. Chocolate lovers who prefer a bittersweet blend, rest assured that this chocolate contains at least 70% cocoa, sourced through direct import of high-quality ingredients.

The sumptuous bar is wrapped in re-growing raw materials that honour the circle of life. The interior wrap is made with the same approach, leaving nothing but a rich impression on our planet. <10x GEPA - The Fair Trade Company Tender Bitter 70%, 100g> is pure and simple ingredients that make our bars distinctive and extraordinary. Order yours today and immerse yourself in the warmth of love and sustainability!

10x GEPA Fair Trade Bitter Chocolate 70% - Ethical Indulgence