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with fair nature country organic milk from southern Germany; With the special fair cocoa blend amaribe; without emulsifiers, gentle and careful conch of the chocolate mass; Cocoa butter as the only used fat; Direct import of the high -quality ingredients, support several trading partners; Interior wraps made of predominantly renewable raw materials

10 x GEPA - The Fair Trade Company Feinherb 55%, 100g

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Indulge in a true love affair with chocolate as you experience the delectable GEPA - The Fair Trade Company Feinherb 55%. This is not just any chocolate bar, it's a testament to the power of sustainability and social responsibility.

Crafted with the finest fairer natureland organic milk from the picturesque south of Germany, blended with the exceptional fair cocoa blend amaribe, this chocolate bar is a luscious symphony of flavors that tantalize your taste buds. With gentle and careful conching of the chocolate mass and using cocoa butter as the only used fat, we ensure a pure and authentic chocolate experience for you.

The cocoa used in this chocolate bar is sourced directly from our partners in Africa, Asia, and Latin America at fair prices and in fair conditions, supporting several trading partners in the process.

To protect this exquisite chocolate, we enclose each piece in an eco-friendly inner wrap made of predominantly renewable raw material, a respectful nod to nature.

Let your senses journey to the deep, velvety land of cocoa as you savor each bite of this chocolate masterpiece. The chocolate contains 55% cocoa, creating a rich, smooth, and enticing taste that will leave you yearning for more.

Indulge in decadence while empowering communities through ethically-sourced products. This chocolate bar is a symbol of love, passion, and commitment, giving you an opportunity to fall in love with something truly admirable.

Fair Trade Chocolate Bar, 55% Cocoa, Ethically-Sourced, Sustainable