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with fair nature country organic milk from southern Germany, without emulsifiers, gentle and careful conch of the chocolate mass; Cocoa butter as the only used fat; Direct import of the high -quality ingredients, support several trading partners; No nuts or wheat components are used; Interior wraps made of predominantly renewable raw materials

3 x GEPA - The Fair Trade Company Café Blanc, 100g

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Indulge in the exquisite taste and captivating aroma of our fair trade Café Blanc, crafted with love and care. The GEPA, a beacon of social and environmentally friendly trade, procures this delicacy from its trusted partners in Africa, Asia, and Latin America, ensuring fair prices and conditions for all. Combining the goodness of nature, we have blended this fine white chocolate with fair nature country organic milk from southern Germany, blessed with the richness of the powerful café Benita-Note, carefully conched and devoid of any emulsifiers.

We use only cocoa butter, the purest form of fat, and have imported the finest-quality ingredients, supporting numerous trading partners with every delicious bite. This divine chocolate is a dream come true for those with allergies. We refrain from using any nuts or wheat components, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a gluten-free treat.

Our Café Blanc captivates the senses with its 32% cocoa, bringing forth a flavor profile that will leave you yearning for more. Immerse yourself in the delicate notes of vanilla extract, whole milk powder, and instant coffee blended together in a seductive symphony. Embrace the moment as you take each velvety bite of this incredibly indulgent treat. The interior wraps of this delectable chocolate are made of predominantly re-growing raw material, ensuring our commitment towards sustainability.

Treat yourself to the finest things in life and savor every moment with our GEPA - The Fair Trade Company Café Blanc, a piece of heaven crafted just for you.

Fair Trade Café Blanc Chocolate - Exquisite Taste, Ethical Sourcing