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Demeter Knusperbrezel sprinkled from Demeter Dinkel and sesame

6 x Erdmannhauser Demeter Speltknusperbrezel m. Sesame, 125g

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Indulge in the pure romance of wholesome goodness with our Erdmannhauser Demeter Speltknusperbrezel m. Sesame. This artisanal masterpiece is meticulously crafted using only the finest Demeter Spelt sourced directly from our grain farmers. We take special care to grind the spelt on our own mill, ensuring its quality and freshness. To add a delightful twist, we sprinkle each knusperbrezel with the delicate crunch of sesame seeds.

Our Demeter Knusperbrezel is made with premium ingredients, including yeast, ung.palmfett, barley malt extract, and a hint of salt. These carefully selected components give each bite a savory-sweet balance that will amaze your taste buds. We've also enriched every savory-spelt bite with the essence of pretzel eye (sodium hydroxide). This elevated flavor truly sets our knusperbrezel apart from the rest.

Experience the authentic taste of nature with our artisanal Speltknusperbrezel. Made with love and care for those who appreciate the true essence of exquisite grains, these knusperbrezels are a true delicacy. So go ahead, order now, and let every bite of our Demeter Speltknusperbrezel m. Sesame transport you to a world of wholesome goodness and culinary bliss.

Demeter Speltknusperbrezel with Sesame Seeds - Wholesome Artisanal Delicacy