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Fine snack biscuits, gladly to the drink or antipasti in the evening

6 x Erdmannhauser Demeter Pizza-Grissini, 100g

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Indulge in a taste of Italy with our irresistible Erdmannhauser Demeter Pizza-Grissini. These exquisite Demeter Grissini are lovingly baked with pizza wort extraprig, enriched with Demeter olive oil and adorned with the finest blend of Emmentaler and hard cheese.

As you reach for a nibble, the fragrance of dried spices will whisk you away to the sun-kissed hills of Mediterranean. The sweet aroma of tomatoes, onions and garlic blended with oregano, basil and paprika will leave you feeling enchanted.

Crafted from the finest organic ingredients, these Grissini are the perfect accompaniment for an evening of indulgence with a luscious drink or as a tantalising antipasti. Each crunchy bite is sure to delight your senses and transport you to a world of pure culinary delight.

Don't settle for ordinary crackers, elevate your snacking game with our delectable Erdmannhauser Demeter Pizza-Grissini. Taste the love in every bite and let your palate fall in love with the enchanting blend of rich cheese, savoury spices and tantalising crust. Order now and taste the magic of Italy!

Organic Erdmannhauser Demeter Pizza-Grissini: Taste the Magic of Italy!