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Fine nibbles, also for in between

6 x Erdmannhauser Demeter Käse-Grissini, 100g

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Indulge in the savory delights of our Erdmannhauser Demeter Käse-Grissini. Made with love and care, these fine nibble pastries are the epitome of taste and goodness. Each bite will make your taste buds dance with pleasure, leaving you wanting more.

Crafted with the finest ingredients Mother Earth has to offer, these Demeter Grissini feature a real cheese taste without any added aroma. We believe in keeping things natural and authentic, and that's exactly what you'll experience in every crunchy bite.

Our recipe blends wheat flour type 550 and fully grain flour, providing you with a healthy and wholesome snack. With a cheese content of 15%, including Emmentaler and hard cheese, every piece is brimming with flavor.

To elevate the taste, we've added a dash of dried oregano and paprika, along with Luisenhaller depth salt and sesame seeds for a balanced and satisfying experience. Perfect for a cozy evening in or to share with friends, these Grissini are best enjoyed with your favorite beverage.

The Erdmannhauser Demeter Käse-Grissini are an invitation to indulge in the romanticism of taste and texture. Take a bite and savor the delightfully crunchy pastry filled with the goodness of cheese. Fall in love with every bite and make it a part of your daily nourishment routine.

Erdmannhauser Demeter Käse-Grissini: Authentic Cheese Nibble Pastries